LGG Christmas Alliance

The LGG Christmas Alliance was held at Randpark, Bushwillow Course, today. We had a great turnout with 124 ladies taking part, after a few last minute cancellations.

This was our first and last Tournament of the year due to COVID-19, so our LGG Executive decided to make it an extra special one. The beautiful Christmas lunch was sponsored by LGG and was very much enjoyed by all.

The format was fourball alliance, two scores to count, with four mystery holes decided on by the golf department. The mystery holes were 3,9,13 and 16 where only your best score was counted instead of the two best.

The winners were Susan White, Gwen James, Lynne Gardner and  Ella Hancock of Kyalami

Second Place were Gill Van Der Meulen, Megan Buttle, Clare Van Der Merwe and Lalla Alexander of Bryanston

Third were Biffy Dunn, Shirley Lord, Sonja Balme and Alecia Gordon-Finlayson of CCJ





LGG Christmas Alliance Winners for 2020
1st81Lynn Gardner 
  Susan White
  Ella Hancock
  Gwen James
2nd79 ocoLalla Alexander
Combined HI65Megan Buttle
  Gill van der Meulen
  Clare van der Merwe
3rd79 ocoShirley Lord
Combined HI70.3Sonja Balme
  Biffy Dunn
  Alecia Goron-Finlayson
4th78 ocoMichelle von Holdt
Combined HI47.5Niki Christie
  Val Mckenzie
  Marian Ledingham
5th78 ocoBonnie Jordaan
Combined HI73.2Lynette Powell
  Cathy Cawood
  Karen Lithgow
6th78 ocoToula Arnold
Combined HI92.6Carol Allers
  Zahn Rossouw
  Theresa Nutall
7th77 ocoLaetitia Roestoff
Combined HI48Debbie Cloud
  Lesley Solomon
  Leane Solarsh
8th77 ocoRachel Sellers
Combined HI54.4Natalie Clayton
  Heather Duve
  Heather Clarke
9th77 ocoCarol Primes
Combined HI59.5Lorraine Carter
  SuhYung Sung
  Marlene van der Nest
10th74 ocoAlana Bakos
Combined HI59.4Les Rule
  Irene Farr
  Rene Roodt