WGSA Rankings as at 9th June 2019

Number One in WGSA Performance Ranking

Our Gauteng players have featured well so far this year.

In the WGSA Performance rankings, we have 7 players in the Top 20 with Symone Henriques in 1st place, Zethu Myeki in 3rd, Kaiyuree Moodley 4th, Samantha Whateley 10th, Stephanie Barbaglia 12th, Kera Healey 16th and Kim Turgut 20th.

We have 9 players in the Top 20 on the WGSA Open Rankings Zethu Myeki is 3rd, Symone Henriques is 4th, Kaiyuree Moodley 5th, Kajal MIstry 6th, Samantha Whateley 11th, Woo-Ju Son T12th, Stephanie Barbaglia 14th, Kera Healey 16th and Kaleigh Telfer T20th

In the WGSA Junior Rankings we have 7 players in the Top 20. They are Kaiyuree Moodley 5th, Symone Henriques 7th, Samantha Whateley 8th, Kera Healey 9th,Woo-Ju Son 12th, Stephanie Barbaglia 13th, and Kim Turgut 19th